100 Days in a row for me!/Share


I have received notice from WordPress that this is the 100th day I have posted in a row.


I have been devoted to my webpage, I must say. I am working hard and I hope everyone who visits, follows me, or otherwise, enjoys my efforts.

Thank you for all who inspired me, and encourage me, and keep coming back.

Michelle, Aka MwsR <3



22 thoughts on “100 Days in a row for me!/Share

  1. It’s all good stuff! lol I can’t stop reading…

  2. Congratulations. 100 posts consecutively is huge! When I started blogging I wrote everyday for 30 days and I gave up. Haha. Too much.

    • I hear ya on that. I am a regimented person. I just look at it as a job. Also, so much to share.

  3. Congrats dear, that’s deadecation and a lot of work 😀, I’ve been there before on another website.


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