The Past Counts

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How can a person think that your past is insignificant? I’m not saying every single facet has to be recorded somewhere, and kept track of. On the contrary, the past is irrelevant, to the point of having it brought up, when it’s a person’s future they are trying to better, or improve upon. For example, a person who was a liar or stole something, and now they are trying to be a better person, in that they do not do those  types of things anymore. This is where remembering or keeping track of one’s past might interfere with the present person they wish to become.

There are other things though, in one’s past that have played such a role in whom that person has become. If you don’t think of their past as significant then you might dismiss their struggles, their journey, or their pain and joy. That would be sad. A lot of people spend a bunch of time, energy, soul-searching, to make their lives better. If we overlooked that part of them,  yes, their past, we fail to see the true them. In my opinion, that’s like an injustice to them.

My hopes in writing this short blog is that next time you look at the whole person rather than a moment of their lives. Everyone has a past, and sometimes we need to lift them up for surviving, or applaud them for changing.

Thank you for reading 🙂