The beauty of it all

Seeing things  with child like eyes.

Daisies stand in their simple yet elegant ways.

Birds sing from branches to fence posts

Of the nature of things.

Whispering wind carries fragrances with ease

On past the top of the highest trees

Calmness in this busy array

trees in park
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Sports the wonders in a splendid display

Often I feel something sacred in it all

I wish to see it from beginning to end

Tomorrow I will look and listen for it all again.

Something about nature that cannot be contained

Yet many things are relatively the same.

By surprise something will catch the human eye

By circumstance you will see nature “dance”.

This wondrous place is for all who look

I’ve seen it myself, so captivating and mighty.

Oh what a place where fantasy becomes the real world.

A place with order and meaningful things.

Beauty is around, look and you will find it.

MwsR <3





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