My biological dad

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DAD, my first guy

Pictures are all I have

They are like a wound with a little salve.

You are and always will be

The very core part of me.

I know you existed I see and hear about it all.

I just wish you were still here for me to call.

Often you are in my head

I find myself thinking of you while looking ahead.

If one little wish I was able to make

It might be to see you, you know before the ache.

Dads are more than a name we give,

They are the ones that teach us how to grow and live.

I never got to have that with you

I often think about what if’s and it makes me blue.

Others get to call up their dads and talk

Some get to spend time with them and go for walks

I get to ponder and wonder a lot

About what I have and what I do not.

It is not your fault I am sure you would had stayed

But that wasn’t how your life was played.

Taken too soon from this earth and from your family

The ones who loved you and made you happy.

I guess some things never come to be

Like my wish for you to had known me.

Or maybe just to spend the day talking to you

And carrying on about the days that we went through.

It’s a good thing memories come around

Because that’s all some have, when their hearts start to frown.

Dad, I know if you knew me

You’d see a lot of you inside of me, probably.

You would have also known how much you meant to me…you know why,

After all you were my first guy.

Thank you for reading 🙂