Endless Love


When others know how to share love with one another

There sometimes is a  trail that leads back to their mother.

I know you think it is silly, absurd or extreme

But I am telling you that can be the joining “seam”.

If you are lucky enough to see your mother’s ways

If she has led you to some of your brightest days

Then there is the “seam’ that all other relationships come from.


Just think for a minute, second, or a while

Of all your childhood and what brought you your smiles.

I bet your mom was in there among those things you thought about

That is if you aren’t one of the ones whose heart was left out.

If your mom wasn’t there it certainly left its mark

I know this personally in my  own life’s journey, I’ve had to embark.


My trail though was made despite all of this

I made my own life in the shadows of all that I  had wished.

I found me a love from a select chosen few

I call them my family, and I still feel like I’ve been rescued.

No nothing is perfect, seldom it really is

Endless love, it’s possible, either way I guess.




Thank you for reading 🙂

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