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Everything is necessary
When nothing is not a choice.
Don’t ever stop listening to that “inside voice”.
Possibilities are just chances we have not taken
They keep up rising
Instead of staying broken.
When you have just a little faith
A little hope in your soul
That is when you can just take off and go.
Everything has a season
A season to change and correct
An opportunity, have you taken yours yet?
Trying is hard when you see no end
But let me tell you it will no doubt come, my friend.
It is difficult sometimes, more than we feel we can stand.
Trust in a process
Things don’t change overnight
That is why we search for more than our own might.
We need to examine how life went so wrong
We need to carry in our hearts hope, faith, and love.
These are blessings and give us each, enough.
Extreme is not necessary when you really try
In taking little steps forward,
You can eventually tell bad times, goodbye.
Extreme may simply be
You are believing in something greater
Something greater, than you or me.
Something you cannot see but can feel
The overwhelming desire or passion
That surrounds your heart and soul
The extreme that makes you go.


Thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. Absolutely. that inside voice.
    ps- It said I wasn’t following you but I know that I was. I must have accidentally unfollowed you via my cell phone while trying to like a post of yours. sorry about that.

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