Fear/ Poem(Encouragement)

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Don’t let fear control you

Reach inside and let that fear see what it is you can do and be

There are never absolutes, just  resolute.

Always time for tears but they won’t wipe away your fears.

If you want something that is in your grasp

You grab a hold and wait till the very last

If you want to conquer your fears, you must do the same.

We all are just like rats running in this game.

Some take the wrong path, but quickly learn the right one

Although some keep going full blast , further and further without realizing it.

Obviously one will find the goal, or grab the thing they searched for so frantically.

They don’t let the fear of unknown keep them from what they wanted.

Fear is a deceiver of persons, it says,”No way”

Your heart and mind must say.” It is feasible”

Fear can’t take you by the hand and lead you away from something

But if you let it , it will take rob you of so much.

So look that fear in the midst of its presence and make it see

There is no stopping you.


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