Foolish Heart

We all have played the fool, once or more in our life.

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There you sit,

Un-encumbered by the amount of loving intent that is shown.

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You don’t answer, yet you are so daunting in your presence.

Why does it have to be this way and never that?

Am a just a rat caught in a trap with the only way to escape being release of my soul?

This same thing has happened time after time, and I see no real purpose or rhyme in it.

Maybe I do. Maybe it is to reach you.

Ha, who am I fooling, perhaps I am the only fool.

Rather be wrong about you.

There is no real purpose, no rhyme, I have been hanging in this crazy place

I cannot free myself, nor do I want to really.

I feel torn apart, it is once again, in part,to my foolish heart.

Mws R



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