Gone From This Old World….


Struggling hard to come to terms with this feeling

But never  relief in sight.

I even dreamt about you, oh so many times.

What you would be like, what would you say

My birth dad! Johnny

Only if your life hadn’t ended that  way.

I have a picture or two but not really enough

I think I have studied them a lot, etched you in my mind

What my tears and heart cannot find.

I see you liked cats, wow, that is so me

I favor you too, a lot, it would seem.

I know you smoked Marlboro cigarettes

That you liked to play practical jokes,

I know your eyes were blue, as mine are,

You not being here has left a terrible scar.

I so would had loved to show you my life,

Tell you stories of things and tell you goodnight.

It just wasn’t our time, I guess

Happy endings for us were not meant to be.

I still think of you as often as I breath.

Gone from this old world, but not truly from me

See, you were my father and always will be. 

                                                                                                            MwsR <3



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