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I am simple, yet complicated

Strong yet weak

Wise but gullible

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Torn yet durable

I wrestle with my demons

I walk with them too

I am who I am and want some approvals too.

Fight against injustices

Yet rise despite my circumstances

Able to carry on,

Guess my heart is strong.

I hate to see mistreatment

Although sometimes I mistreat someone.

I follow none,

Yet, want to be followed.

I don’t always have an alternate motive

But sometimes my motives are apparent.

If I love, I really love

If I trust it is hard to give

Just like others, I can really feel down.

I often dream of better days

And yes, I pray.

I am no better than anyone else

Yet I feel I deserve good.

I am just a poet inside

A wandering soul that sometimes can be blind.

If you meet me you will laugh

That is one of my things, to be silly.

Serious, not so much

Although hard is sometimes the way to be.

I am just me, and all that encompasses that.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂