Instant/Poem/By MwsR



In an instant you were gone
Everything that happened went all wrong.
I think about you when I hear certain songs.
You were a chance that I was given
You gave me life, so I could start living.
It was without giving.
I was lost from the time you said goodbye
So many things I wanted to try
Things with you, I cannot lie.
You always felt like a dream
I really didn’t have anything real, it would seem.
Wondering why, why me.
How did you do it?
Go on with your life and not give a shit.
I couldn’t, never did, I felt split.
In an instant my life changed once again.
You died, and we never truly began.1057248_1280x720


Thank you for reading 🙂

5 comments on “Instant/Poem/By MwsR”

  1. My hands sometimes type faster than my mind can process, if that makes sense. I pasted this from a file I had saved, I should of checked my spellings.

  2. What sad feelings in this poem..I can’t help but to think it is about your birth parents/father? I was wondering if you meant “wonder why” instead of “wander” like you wrote? (I don’t have a private way to ask you this as to not make you feel like I am being grammar police or anything)

    1. yes thank you for picking up that I used the wrong word, I appreciate that, and yes, my birth mom as well.

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