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“Secretly I yearn to be accepted, yet I fail to meet those kinds of standards.”

“I pose little comfort when I am desperately trying to comfort.”

“Some of the best times are those when no one says a word, but they hear exactly what each other are saying.”

“To be grounded does not mean you need to stay still. on the contrary one must wrestle with their own will.”

“When a person shows you their true colors, when they can’t give you anything, walk away from them. No, run away from them and never look back.”

“My greatest joy was always to see my children smile, hear them laugh at my jokes, feel them hold my hand as we danced across the floor. My greatest pain was when they could not smile, when they lost the ability to laugh and when they forgot how to dance.”

” Loving anything is better than not loving.”

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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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