Onward… my poem

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No going back,

Not anymore.

No tracing steps that led to the broken doors.

Heart can’t rebuild from what lies behind

I think I have tortured enough, my mind.

This is just a small fraction, I need to stay blind.

Head up ,no bowing, no more

None of us are perfect, not anymore.

Once we were babies , that is when we could explore.

Not today, not at our age

There is always going to be resentment and rage.

It is like we all are performers and life is the stage.

Whatever lies ahead

Let it be kind, with nothing for us to dread.

Always remember the worst thoughts start  in our own heads.

Trembling like a kid being punished

That is not what or how it should be , that’s rubbish.

We should be empowered not told to hush.

Again, no one is perfect, no one is above

We all survive,  with heartaches and love

We all strive to make it, to the great above.

I say , “Onward”

Let’s move forward.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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