Shadow People/Poem by MwsR

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woman wearing purple leggings dancing hip hop
Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni on

In a world where things seldom are as they seem,

There is a place where things are.

You can find a place where things enlighten you

Just like the one where shadow people become true.

Comical they imitate you and follow your every move.

They will dance when you dance, move when you move, and most certainly stay near you.

They see the land of dark and are not afraid to come out.

Always stealing a move when you are up and about.

They take each opportunity they can to get your attention

They see so much, it is hard to make mention.

Shadow people are among the few that like you just for who you are.

They ask no questions, tell you no lies, and like to be near.

What more could a person ask for?

They take on the forms of whatever is around.

Be careful what you show them though,

They will show it back to you

Even the excess weight  you might have and your silhouette too.

Shadow people are great for telling your secrets to

They won’t tell those to another or fuss at you.

I like this world of dark where my shadow people stay

Just don’t think I’m crazy for what I had to say.




Thank you for reading 🙂