Stages of our Life/ Poem by MwsR

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Into this world we all begin

Worthless we are without our skin

Not tainted though from other’s opinions

When we are born.

When things start to hurdle through our minds

Countless questions we dare not leave behind

Teenage years are simply search and find times

Times when we discover and explore

What else is there to live for

When we are young.

Accomplished and settled, that’s what you will find

When you have learnt so much from other’s minds.

Everything is within your very reach

Sometimes though, things can appear bleak.

Wanting a legacy and working to make it happen

The future seems so far off, yet within our grasps.

When we are an adult.

Memories cloud are minds of better days

Names of things and people start to fade.

Teaching and showing are our roles now

The past is certainly better than our future.

Things that were important seem trivial here

We just want to be loved and not forgotten.

When we are old.

Thank you for reading 🙂