Stranger things have happened


I met you the other day.

We talked about  things so far back in our lives, in a most peculiar way.

I could almost finish your sentences and I thought, ” How weird was that?”

I even showed you a picture of my favorite black cat.

Maybe we met sometime along a broken road,

stranger things letter tiles
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Or perhaps we heard the same spirit call to us, leading us to here.

I think someone in my life or childhood , maybe someone dear.

You caught my attention,

Like a kid in front of a television

Studying your demeanor, your spoken way with my eyes.

I took in every word you  had to say.

I returned conversation with sincerity.

Kindred we seemed with one another

I felt a sense of peace with you.

I guess stranger things have happened, don’t you?

Mws R <3



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