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Seemed not that long ago. I had a house full of my children and their things. Now my house can get so quite and still. I really miss the days when I was their favorite person, and the person they wanted to be near or grow to be like.  Kids grow up way too fast, it is not just a saying, they really do.  I sometimes feel like they not only outgrew their childhood but me and their dad as well. I guess all parents feel sort of this way in some point along the path of parenthood. I try to see positive things mostly with my kids and not so much their negative aspects. So when my mind travels back into their childhood and all I find that, that time was the sweetest, best time of my life. I can only hope they recall it with as much fondness.


I am not feeling the “empty nest” yet. I am on my way though. I have my two grandkids and their mom, my daughter living with me right now. I have to admit it is a joy to see my grandkids and having my chance to do it all again, as far as teaching them and nurturing them. I think I was always destined to be around children and I am almost sure I was to be a teacher. If circumstances had not steered me away from teaching, I would had been one, I am almost certain. I have always tried to look at things through a kid’s eye. Children are innately innocent and they have such wondrous curiosity for the world around them, They fail to see the bad first in people and they often times imagine that they can be anything they want to be. I try to always remain hopeful as an adult but adulthood can be discouraging. After all we have things that don’t work the same, as far as our bodies. As an adult we have limitations and sometimes our outlook stems from something that has happened to us, be it good or bad, from our own life. That can cause a dimmer outlook, and sometimes can be the sole reason we do not try again or we fail to keep working towards something. Kids outlooks are not jaded, usually, and in that frame they can accomplish great things. For them learning to write is among the first things that leads to better things, if you are a kid. See where I am going with that, kids fear very little and do not have preconceived notions that stop them from doing what they want to do or learning what they want to learn or limits ass to where they can go, in a way.


I am writing this as I have been thinking long and hard on the many changes in our lives that we go through. I even wrote a poem about the “Stages of our Life”. My hopes are that no matter what happens in our own life that we take the necessary steps to never give up, stop dreaming or living. We adults, same as kids, need hope. As adults we need to flourish, and we need to remember our past life as a learning teachable moment, no matter what. Good or bad it deserves to serve a purpose. It is just that I am getting older, things are certainly changing in my life and I want to still enjoy it. I want to have fun, have peace and cherish what time I do have left on this earth.

If mistakes are keeping you from climbing that mountain you have been on, change things up. Go a different route or maybe stop and play in a creek or stream along the way. It is even okay if you stop and just rest for a short time, ass long as you make it to the place you wish to go. We are not our mistakes, we are not our past regrets, we don’t have to be just here.

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Not sure why I felt the need to blog this out in type but if it helps you, then maybe it was for that purpose.

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