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Waiting for so long with so much in between the wait, the blinks.

Trembling in anticipation but afraid to make final contact.

Just once she wanted the things she wished for.

That happily ever after she dreamed of.

Trudging through each day barely making sense of it all

Was she living in a dream or was she just that small?

Bartering for every second chance she ever had

Holding tight to what made her glad.

Restless was her soul and mind

She knew one day she would finally matter.

Or would she?

After all it was not her fault she was uprooted

Taken away from her heritage, her blood.

People acted as if she was not much

Just some burden that they really had to watch.

Her aspirations turned into dust when she was torn between an angering hearts rust.

Years went by as they still do

Couldn’t recall but only a few, when she let her soul and mind rest.

For she was constantly weeding out the un-important from the best.

Not that there was an over abundance of that.

Her “when” just got up one day and left her, it would seem

Because they are crumbled somewhere between real and her dreams.

Mws R


Thank you for reading 🙂