It is certainly true, that everyone sees things different from one another.

Sometimes what is not important to one, doesn’t mean it isn’t to another.

I certainly have realized this more and more as I grow older. I feel sometimes we fail as humans, because we cannot put ourselves in another’s shoes. We cannot share a space or place, let alone the same planet without taking into effect another person is here as well. Sure, we have our own cars, houses, possessions, etc. but we are sharing this world.

Kindness goes a long way and it trickles into every aspect of our lives and places we go. Trying to keep in mind another’s feelings, wants and needs are what it takes to live in harmony and peace.

I feel like we also fail to see we are surrounded by nature, as well. There are animals here too. Our world’s animals are being mistreated as well. I hear of terrible things people do to them all the time. They live here too and should have certain respect.

Just reminding myself, and those who live here to of the way to treat others. Their lives matter as much as ours. Be it a person or an animal.

I say, ” Show love and empathy, and it will come to you!”

Peace, and thanks for reading!


Thank you for reading 🙂

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