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3TC /Challenge/TTC

Three Things Challenge

Today’s things are: buzz, July, load

BUZZ/ Poem by MwsR

There is noise that I can hear

It passes right by my left ear

Should I look and take a peek?

I see it, it looks so sleek

It is a bee that is saying to me,

Buzz, buzz, buzz, I am free.”

JULY/Poem by MwsR

July is hot

July is definitely not

My favorite month at all.

I wish it cooler

I wish it shorter

So I can get it over.


There is a tremendous burden/ LOAD, one carries upon their back. They have trouble letting it go. It the burden of self judgement and shame. If one could let that go and see how much a difference it would make in their lives, they would never pick that LOAD up again and try to carry it around.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂



  1. Nice, love the Buzz poem. Hubby and I love bees and will go out of our way to help one that’s grown tired and can’t get to a flower to feed.
    Think you’ve put my link in instead of Teresa’s at The Haunted Wordsmith as she sets the challenge (not that I mind!).

    • Tags and pingbacks can be confusing. Someone recently told me you can have up to 15 categories and tags on a post which helps get you noticed. I use the pingback (httl reference by copy/paste) to the site/post in my actual post generated by whatever the prompt was, and then tag it with the name of the challenge. We all have our own style, that’s what makes it so personal!

    • I appreciate you trying to help me. I am not good at this whole connecting back to something thing. I wish I could keep it straight.

    • You’ll get the hang of it. The idea is to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing. There are some good tutorials available but I confess I haven’t tried them as Hubby helped me when I started.

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