Dreamland/ Poem by MwsR



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You once took my hand, 


You said you would take me away to that happy place.

Promising me that what was going on was a total nightmare and not real

But I was the only who could see and feel it.

You whispered right to my soul

Told me that bad people are only in the movies

But I found no comfort in those words

Instead I lived without comfort for many years.

You said there would be rainbows after the rain

Sent me wishing along a path of make belief,

Showed me nothing and still wanted me to follow you

To believe you, and I willingly was naïve.

Turns out that behind every dream I ever dreamt of happiness,

One of sorrow interrupted me.

I found nothing to help

No one in my world to grab a hold and not let go of me

All I had when it was said and done was a need to flee.

I stopped dreaming for it left me falsely in a daze of happiness

Instead I stopped listening to you and faced the awful dread.

Don’t bother me anymore!

I can’t live in that Dreamland.

MwsR <3


Thank you for reading 🙂

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