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Complicated and misunderstood

Things get twisted awfully good.

Separation starts but a little at a time

Not one person notices that distinguishing line

Stress is all-consuming

Like a renter trying to find money for the rent.

Purpose gets lost in the bustle

Surviving takes first thought

Denying is a way of coping

Neither pride or honor matter anymore.

So what if this does not make sense anymore

There, over there, is always an exit door.

Better change before it changes you its way

Better live before it takes your whole life.

Screaming will make silent the pain

But you aren’t suppose to complain.

Who knows how it all will end

Oops, there is a dare in that, you don’t understand.

Like water drifts in different directions

So shall we all.

Unless you can no longer stand after the fall.

MwsR <3


Thank you for reading 🙂