FOWC One word Challenge July 17th

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Todays word is present.

To Be or Not To Be, Present(short story) MwsR <3

She had many good traits.

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Always on time to whatever came up or she had to attend. She hated being late and did once, but never again.

Her timeliness was one of her traits, as well as making anybody laugh at her antics and jokes. She would always try to make another person smile, if given the chance.

Known in college as the life of the class, she kept good grades there also, by staying on task.

Her friends always looked for her, they enjoyed her company. “Never a boring moment”, she would exclaim, as she made them laugh.

You always saw her kind nature and her fun one, but there was something not yet known to anyone.

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She felt removed from her own mind a lot of the times, like she was living someone else’s life. She felt that she was not even present in her own daily life. She never gave anyone a reason to doubt her being present, but it was something she felt.

I guess you could say that was part of her charm. If she felt PRESENT as herself, you know, the one inside, no one would like her. At least that is how she saw things.

Thank you for reading 🙂