Hey… Darling/Poem MwsR

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“When can we go out and spend some time together”, she said

It wasn’t like there wasn’t a good roof above her head.

She always tried to get my attention

What about me giving her that diamond last year, she must have forgot to mention.

It was always me doing my thing out in my shop

Her doing hers in the house, using the mop.

Equal we were, I don’t understand her problem with it all

I guess I should have put my shoes up that were down the hall.

A different food thing she placed at the table more often than not

I never said that I liked that if any, or a lot.

I thought having money to buy that food was good, but to her I guess not.

Why all the fuss about the clothes,

I put them near the hamper where she goes.

Why must she talk when my favorite show is playing

I would love to listen but not right now, you understand what I am saying?

Always my time is taken over with hers

Always her needs had to come first,

I can’t always do what she wants, listen to everything she says,

But…I am here, wouldn’t she want that instead?


She doesn’t ask me for a date anymore

There is no “Hello” when I come through the front door.

She used to ask me when I could do something

Now she is off doing her own things, anything

Wonder what changed?

Maybe somewhere the roles got re-arranged

No food on the table, just re-heatable stuff

Guess I didn’t pay attention to her enough.

She must have told me, I just did not listen

What has happened to change our situation?

Maybe one day she will once again,

Say “hey…darling”.


“DON”T take those you love for granted… One day they may not be there anymore.” MwsR<3


Thank you for reading 🙂

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