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I write so I can continue to grow

So my life has its ebb and flow

I write for the many tears I shed in private

For the many cries I had that were silent

My spirit soars when my fingers type

I do not have my inner self to fight.

I write for those who never had a voice

For the one that also had no choice,

I write to keep my troubles at bay

So I can function with purpose , yet another day.

I write because some things are better left unsaid

So I can get them out of my head.

I write to encourage others who can’t

So they can see that somehow our lives match.

I write because harboring feelings of hurt, doesn’t work

Because people are selfish and sometimes big jerks.

I write in a rhythm that only my heart knows

Each step when I write, my heart grows.

I write because sometimes you need to

Because sometimes I feel things that are too real, too true.

If you need to write to heal

Try it, and soon it will reveal

What it is you want to say

What you need to say to make it through yet another day!

MwsR <3


Thank you for reading 🙂

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