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Questions keep entering my mind

How could one’s heart be so blind

Trying hard to find a solution

Why is it that people let sin start polluting

Time comes and it can go

And we all surely know

Too little  too late

Does not have to seal your fate

Change the things you can

Don;t try to please every man

All that matters is how you strive

Not the impulses where your heart has took a dive

Forgive yourself

Put it away…don’t display it on a shelf

There are lessons in all we do

To learn from them can see us through

Escape, no one can

See that’s the path of man

Eternal life is your gift

If in your heart, your burdens lift

Carry Jesus in your soul

Then after death, his home yu will behold.

Glory in the sky!

My, oh my.

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂

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