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If something feels weird, not right, say something. Do whatever you can to change things.



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Take Their Power AWAY

When you are young you believe and hope in things

You don’t really imagine there is bad and what it brings.

Life is something you wish to live and go through

When you are young and innocent and not yet blue.

People usually see what they want to see

I sometimes wonder why my mother never saw what was happening to me.

Living was fine until I reached a coming of age

Then that is when I started to feel strange.

I felt like something really wasn’t quite right

Especially the way he wanted to tuck me in at night.

Guess you would have to imagine the confusion I must have had

The times when I wished he hadn’t been bad.

He thought of me as not his kin

In order for him to think of me that way in sin.

All I wanted was his Fatherly feelings and care

I did not like the way he would stare.

I felt as a prisoner in this secret I had

I wanted to tell mom but she would be mad.

Along about adulthood I told her about it

I did not see the anger coming towards me or the fit.

It was I she said that deserved the way I was mistreated

Told me that my soul had always been defeated.

She told me to ask forgiveness and stop the lies

But it was not a lie and I had lived with it all and the cries.

Everything for my father went on as it had been

But that day my life changed yet again.

Now it was not him but her I had to bear

They treated me so unfair.

I did not ask to be adopted nor did I make the promise to love me

It was them and now all this caused me to have to leave.

I fretted every day afraid to be left alone with my own father

But they had nothing to fret not even a bother.

Sometimes life can be unkind,

Cruel and hits you from behind.

Lesson here is be true to you

If something is scary, wrong or not right

It is you that must learn how to fight.

My life had been interrupted and turned upside down

I was the one that had an inside frown.

I was the one who had to decide

Was I going to walk away or was I gonna ride.

I choose to ride away , leave it all back there

Not be in their company because they did not care.

Don’t let nay sayers keep you from living your life

I once did but not no more, I got rid of the strife.

Abuse comes in all forms and ways

Don’t remain silent take their power away!

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂

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