No one Came/poem

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There I was all by myself

I had to always keep my words on a hidden shelf.

No one to talk with, while bearing it all alone.

Oh there was you, but it was so unhealthy and wrong.

I wondered when my prince charming would come,

Sadly, they lived only in fairy tales.

I felt no self-worth, but shame was my middle name.

I cried at night, my pillow kept my tears.

You snuck by ever so often to see me.

I hid under covers pretending to dream.

Dreams, ha, I had none.

Because of the rude awakening you gave, and then some.

No one heard my painful screams

I soon became a meg shift screen,

Filtering what I could just to make it through.

No one came, not day or night.

I had to crawl or learn to fight.

I fought, all on my own

No one to turn to, not even at home.

Till one day a person inquired on me

Asked me things like I could not believe.

They told me things at home was wrong

Expressed how God loved me, even while not at my best.

They said they knew, without me saying a word.

Told me to let my burden go.

Deal with what I could and never grow cold.

I listened to them and started trusting again.

No one came during the dark part of my life,

But now what used to cut me like a knife,

Seared my fear, helped it close.

– I found when no one came, I had to finally  finish what was done.

No one can stop me now.

MwsR ❤

Thank you for reading 🙂

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