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lit red and white candle lot on person s back



There it is again, I recognize it by it’s ridiculous spurts

I feel it’s presence once again.

Choked back tears try to make their escape

I really don’t know how much more I can take.

Always giving me false expectations

Lofty glances from people, I see

Wondering if I am for real or making it sound worse than it seems.

They don’t know, they are not higher or more superior than me.

I think if I were left without any,

I would feel un-alive somehow.

I have had so much of it, it almost fits, like a well fitted shoe.

Always flares up though, when there is something for me to do.

Completely mine and mine alone

I must figure how to live with it or let it consume me

Taking medicine for it but I try to refrain from doing that

I feel so down at times.

Physical pain comes and goes,

It is there one moment then disappears

I wake with hopes for a painless day

But I suddenly see that is not going to be that way.

Pain, mental ,will steal you of your joy, your laughter, your moments of “feels”

Physical pain will render you useless against its power.

What solves one type of pain , the other it will not.

Pain, the whole world has it but each is individual and in its form.


Thank you for reading 🙂