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Phone Calls/ I Challenge You, challenge

This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:

Phone calls

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Phone Calls

There was such silence this morning. I could almost hear a pin drop. I sat there reading the latest magazine I had. Drinking my coffee. That is when my mind started drifting to a time when there was so much chatter, running through the house, and you could hardly hear yourself think. Those times were the simplest of times and filled with such busy exciting moments. I had three kids. They were my whole world and I stayed at home with them. I sis not know then what I definitely know now, that life changes so fast, things happen and one day you find yourself without all the joyous “firsts” and the excitement of taking care of your children.

Now, I found myself sitting alone in the kitchen. I was trying to fill the void of being without small children in my house, and for once I found myself wishing to go back to that chaotic blessing. Yep, the chaotic blessing of having a house filled with lots of love and lots of good times. I also longed for the times when things were fast paced and when I found myself running here and there just to take my children to their soccer games or their basketball games. The times when you left home thinking you were prepared for the trip yet found you had left something behind in all the hustle and bustle. Yep, those times.

Here lately I have been finding myself hopeful for the phone calls I look forward to from my , now grown and moved out kids. I run to the phone in anticipation hoping that one of the phone calls are one of them. I it not funny that we try to rush through our lives and we fail to see the future and what it could be? I seldom thought about them leaving home when they were young kids. I never really dwelt on the days of having no kids at home anymore and what would I be thinking or doing because of that. Simple  phone calls mean the world, now to me.

Crazy as that sounds, phone calls will to you too if you have kids. MwsR <3


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