We sometimes are the only link to making another’s life have more meaning or purpose.

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Sad Eyes

I believe there are feelings we cannot see

Spaces filled without any joy or glee

Things that bother us, but remain unspoken

Acting much like a vase that has been broken

That vase cannot serve its purpose anymore

We are much like a vase, we sometimes help carry others

Keeping them safe in one way or another

But if we get broken, we cannot any more

Even if we try to make a quick fix

By trying to avoid,

Look into another’s eyes

Some people’s lives can make you laugh

Some people’s can make you cry.

Sad eyes carry messages

Sometimes you know it, when you see them

Sometimes and more often than not, you won’t.

All we can do sometimes is try and look.

You may be that one link to make a difference for them.

MwsR <3




If you want to make a change, you can find joy where ever it is. Joy is not easily found and more than not we need to search for it.  MwsR


Thank you for reading 🙂