Sink or Swim/Poem share by MwsR

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beach blue daylight diving

Like a ship slowly sinking

Nothing left to do but gather the valuable things and prepare for departure

Un sure of what lies ahead

A little scared but at the same time clinging to hope

You see others do it and they somehow make it work

They carry a few things of their very own and the rest they leave aside

How come it is easy for some and not for others?

My best guess would be ,

Some people do not see the forest for the trees

Their thinking is not much farther than they can actually grasp

Each day to them is almost fruitless

They hold no stock in the future or the outcome

I would like to be like them in a way

Not fearing or limiting myself because of that fear

I would like to touch all the things that are dear

I want to rest in the fact that today is what matters

Tomorrow is but a work in progress

Not an official thing written out in stone

I do not wish though to be alone.

I want to be with those that love me

Regardless if that ship I am one, goes down and is

Not able to be found

I want to float for as long as I can,

I will swim against currents just to reach the next mile

I want to laugh again, I want to smile.

Life is hard enough, it is unpredictable

However sometimes it is without thought and hesitation that we can endure.

Think about it, it is so obscure.

Let’s float, swim, or take on the endeavor

Lest we sink, reach bottom, or worse off, end.

MwsR <3



Thank you for reading 🙂