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Everywhere you can look there is things in our country that can make you think, “wow”. I am not sure why I used the title I did for this, but it could be because i wanted to talk about a few things that are dumb.

For instance…

More technology for one. Are we not already full up to our necks with technology? For instance, the other day I visited a local store. I saw the strangest thing. I came upon an oven that has a LED panel in the oven door. Now i am just like any other person I like to be informed and have up to the date things and what not, but come on! Do we need a LED screen in our oven? I am sure you have seen the refrigerators with the screens that interact with your mobile phones, computers or laptops. That I thought was a little too much and now I see an oven with a LED screen. My first thought was, “yes, let’s make a hot, dangerous oven appealing to toddlers!” Are you getting me here? What makes a person want to have a “tv” on their oven door???

I am just all struck by that.

Another thing…

These devices that listen in to your homes and cars that have them now, how much privacy do you really think you have? I would say not much. My question would be , ” What does somebody know about you?” from these devices. Not to mention can they access cameras and safety cameras to look on in your private space? Think about it!

Personally, it is kind of creepy thinking that some device knows me like that! Better yet can turn on things, turn them off, and can view what I do inside my own home.

Okay so you like technology, you like being up on the techno ladder, but how much are you freely giving away to someone you don’t know? Also, how safe do you like your home, your belongings, what you do behind closed doors, better yet, your children’s safety? Well let me tell you, it comes at a cost you may not yet realize. I guess you will have to decide what you are willing to give up or willing to take to become high on the techno ladder.

Welcome to SOMEWHERE OVER DUMB-bo ville.

I am not trying to put off on anyone who has these gadgets or things, just trying to give you something to think about. Please accept my apologies if you live in Dumbo-bo ville.

No offense given.




Thanks for reading!


Thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. Some people just looooooooove gadgets. They must sell well, or the manufacturers wouldn’t bother with them. I agree with you. Most gadgets are not needed and some of them spy on you, this is the smart home/grid system being built up. I don’t think it is a good thing, hackers could have a great time messing with household appliances.

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