Storm/Poem By MwsR

lightning in sky at night
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There is often a storm before a peaceful sky.

Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes it takes nine.

Things that are simple enough

Can’t prepare you to be tough.

Things that are hard and challenge you

Will help you in all you do.

You should be grateful when they arrive

That is when you’ll feel the fire in your eyes.

Nothing worth having comes easy or fast.

Sometimes it takes ultimate strength to be the one who will last.

Be thankful for the storm that lies before

Following close behind will be so much more.

Thank you for reading 🙂

4 comments on “Storm/Poem By MwsR”

  1. Well that’s fun. Without having seen your pieces on storms I wrote about the thunderstorm That hit us yesterday evening. Good stuff. Cheers.

  2. Love it, poetry is completely alien to me, I can’t seem to do it. I understand prose is best when it has a rhythm running through it, and I’m trying hard to crack that. But poetry….
    you’ve done a good job

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