The “WITCHY” Girl/ Short story

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She sat alone on a school sidewalk, watching the other children running and playing and talking to one another, she most certainly did not feel like a part of this whole school playground thing.


From near speaking age she would try to ask valuable questions to learn the answers to. Things like, “How many quarters make a dollar?” or things like, “Why do birds have feathers?”. She was always curious and sometimes that drove her parents and those around her mad. One person once told her it was okay to ask questions, they said, If you don’t ask questions, you will never know the answers.” So ask questions she did.

She was the kind of child that would spend hours outside playing and imagining about things her eyes had not yet seen. She thought to herself often, just because she had not actually seen it, did not mean it did not exist. See that is where her imagination took over and inside her mind she felt sure of what she was imagining, as if to be true. I suppose all kids do that in one form or another, it is just the kid like way of things. She most certainly had that way down pat.

Although she never really did incredible things or the best of things, she did what she did with a heart of gold. She always befriended the lonely kids and she never thought more or less of a person  in regards of their choices or clothes, or circumstances. She really genuinely loved so much, back then. To her, everyone was on the same page, the same platform, and the same level. It wasn’t until she reached middle school age, that she saw how that was totally naïve. For her younger years though, she stayed quite happy.


There was a  television show that came on once a week it was called Bewitched, She would run inside from having been at school and watch this television program.  It starred a witch named Samantha and she could wiggle her nose or twitch her ear and things would happen. What a concept! Now this little girl would most certainly know how to do those things if she wanted to. Why not? This show had her mesmerized and she certainly watched it with great intent and attention. This television program was so funny and it was good to see how the good witch always won. Despite the numerous efforts of her mother-in-law’s attempts to foil her day, she always came out on top. This inspired the little girl.

Once while at school and during recess she decided to practice in doing witch things. Of course, this was stuff from her television show, and she was able to do all that, right? She proceeded to twitch her nose and speak a command, which usually was something like, “walk over here, now”, or “sit down”, you know easy stuff, at least until she got better at her witch stuff. Here she was pretending to do this witch stuff and she caught the attention of one of the other kids outside, They came up to her and asked her what she was doing. Needles to say this drew the attention of more kids. Before long there was a group of kids following her as she taught then how to practice to be a witch, a good witch, like Samantha on Bewitched. If you could have seen the joy in her eyes as she felt so special, special enough that others wanted to be jus like her. It was one of her best school playground days. It also wasn’t long before things started to seem to be working out. She now not only felt like a part of the school playground thing, she practically ran it!

To be continue…

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