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July 30, 2018

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Hi Ya!

I have been trying to grow things this summer. I have myself a garden that has produced for me lots of tomatoes, some squash, some peppers, a couple of zuchinnis, and some watermelons.

This is the first year I have so many watermelon vines covering my old compose pile. I would have to say that they love it a lot. We use to put our scraps in that compose and I believe the watermelons loved it.

I have made my own tomato sauce from some of the tomatoes we have had. They taste so good coming from the garden and not being enhanced in a place , for quicker sales. tomatoes carry a lot of good benefits for you and it is one of my favorite vegetables.

I have tried to grow cucumbers this year, as years past and for some reason a little critter has decided to mane them and keep them from growing into the lovely cucmbers I need and love. I have put crushed egg shells around the base of each plant and tried to enclose them in a wired fence, but some how the critter, probably a ground-hog, repeatedly chomps the vines till they are nothing but flowering useless vines. They are producing no cucumbers at all but having those yellow flowers all over them. Ugh!

I wish no critter any harm but I really could have used some cucumbers this summer. Usually I have so many I cannot keep up with them. Maybe next year!

My garden gives me satisfaction and provides my family with healthy choices to eat. I love it. I am not a big fan of vegetables but here in my garden I can put in those that I do like. It is self-sustaining for the most part, just needs a little weeding every now and then. This year I used that weed paper, it keeps weeds from growing and it is marvelous. I have had very little to hardly none.

If you have never tried to grow a garden, you should try it. It is great when you see what your hands and the earth have created. You can also do pots instead of garden plots. I have a couple of things in pots to. Pots make it easy access and you can put them on your deck for convenience. Tomatoes are great in pots.

Happy Gardening!

MwsR <3



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7 thoughts on “Thoughts/Garden

  1. pensitivity101

    Our tomato plants are laden, and as I love them and the only one who can eat them, I’m going to find different ways in which to serve them! Hopefully, provided it doesn’t rain tonight, we shall be harvesting our onions tomorrow. We’ve already had our first beans.

    1. Mws R

      I love making Pico de Gallo with mine. I also love onions, so sometimes I make diced tomatoes, chopped onions, and chopped cucumber salad. I put olive oil and salt and pepper in with them.

    2. Mws R

      Making me hungry, my blood sugar just reminded me I need to eat. I am diabetic. That is some of my favorite things, garlic, tomatoes, and onions.
      Did you know you can regrow garlic from the clove? Look it up, you really can, I have. Growing fresh food from table scraps or something like that.

    3. pensitivity101

      Me too, type 2 controlled by diet. Not doing too badly, sugars and BP good, cholesterol acceptable, just, but the weight is iffy……… could be my cancer meds, but I’ve been stable for almost 6 months (apart from MOHs visit, but I’ve lost that) , so not too worried.

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