Too Much Sometimes/ Poem by MwsR



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Like a storm from out of nowhere

Drifting away like a dream or stare.

More scattered than the grains of sand

But finding common ground to stand.

Troubles thicker than molasses

Smears that collect upon the glasses.

Too much sometimes

Too little I find.

Promises that prick you like roses

People that will leave you in droves.

Lies without guilt

Steamy words from upon their lips.

I’m insignificant

Though I feel transparent.

Walking always, somewhere

But heading nowhere.

Jokes are about me

But I’m not laughing, you see.

Thoughts are for the things that matter

Not for hearts to shatter.

But can’t make it go

Can’t, you know?

Life and love intermingle

Circumstance and perhaps, all dangle.

Forward just one time

Backwards, when it tries to unwind.

Feelings…friends…words…and thoughts

MwsR <3

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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