World Game/ Poem by MwsR

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three red dices
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There are people out here in our world game

Some take the winning lot and others have the shame

It is not perfect by no means

But everyone is searching for something , it seems

Looking to find what it is to make them whole

Make them special and breathe life into their soul,

Almost as if no one expects to win at this game

They start their days anyway without added shame

They twist when needed and bend where they can

Not a fault, just the game that they have to plan.

Everyone is on the board of the game of the world

They move where they want and sometimes they move another.

Indirectly and directly each player affects the whole game.

Win or lose we are in it, unfair though it can seem.

This is the way of things and broken dreams.

If you are lucky you move gracefully ahead,

Seeing an ending without regret.

It definitely changes you, it can also greatly affect you.

So play to make the most moves you can

It really isn’t about winning, it is in how you plan.

MwsR <3



Thank you for reading 🙂