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I woke up to one of those days

When things seem blissfully content

Where there is many reasons for one to re-invent

I went to the window and noticed the rain

Usually when I see rain it causes me pain

I am not one for rain, and never have been

But today when I looked out, that’s when it all began

I found myself imagining how the insect world must be

What being them and seeing as they see

So my imaginations took  on a rather peculiar twist where

I wanted to know what it was like to imagine it there.

I  imagined that this rain was pounding down on them

It was like their world was being bombed

Or maybe they were filling their pools or replenishing their spas.

Was this a tragic day for them?

Did the rain kill some of their friends?

In the insect world this rain must be harsh,

Unless they like living in a marsh.

Maybe I was over thinking things

Possibly this rain could be replenishing

Perhaps they have gardens too

Like we do

Maybe in their world there are crops galore

I imagine a lake maybe they float on it riding on leaves

Maybe they even like when the rain is pouring down

Is it possible this all could take place on the earth’s ground?

I would say as a human I don’t know all their needs

Nor do I know their wants

But that is what imagination is for

I think tomorrow I will imagine some more.




Thank you for reading 🙂