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Hey All!

This week I am sending out the award I made, the RAKA award, the random act of kindness award.

I came up with this award because so many of us are touched by random acts of kindness, and they are worth mentioning.

All through life we encounter people who for no aparent reason help us, or extend a hand when needed. Some do it directly and some do it indirectly.

Rules are posted on original award post, but here is a recap.

1- copy or paste image for reward on your post.

2- Write a paragraph on a random act of kindness, either you saw, was given to you, or you have done. It is okay to spread the love people. You don’t have to name specific names or what evers but tell us about it.

3- Share this award and link to original post or tag the person who nominated you.

4- If you should want to do this then you can leave an open ended invitation, or personally tag others.

5- Pictures are a good share to, if you have pictures to share a random act of kindness, that is great!

I nominate…


Thank you for reading 🙂



  1. Thank you for the nomination…
    …I will definitely write a post on this lovely award…but I am working from 8am-11pm tomorrow….so I will have to write it towards the end of the week.
    I think this is a fabulous award.

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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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