1. Excellently versed and expressed Michell,

    We live in a society that seemingly thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to judge without knowledge and to disapprove without thought to feelings. People think they are so perfect, that they stand above others instead of shoulder to shoulder to them. I have walked hand in hand with disapproval most of my life from my peers, loved ones and family. When we are young we seek approval and we are met with the opposite, l can relate to these words oh so sadly well.


    1. Well lol, l have to concede to something here Michelle, l think that might also be my problem, my fingers are tapping on the keyboard so fast my mind says NO, there is a spelling error there! Oops too late, then l make these silly correction posts lol. Don’t get me wrong, l do have a sticky keyboard as well. Suze says it is because l am a keyboard thumper instead a keyboard tapper. πŸ™‚

    2. I hope so. I am an empath and I am always looking to help another not feel isolated or like they are the only person who could feel the way they feel. It makes our world a better place to comfort another.

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