Excerpt from my poetry book, “HEART PATHS”, MwsR

This is my second book, “Heart Paths”, I  self published just a week after my first book, “HeartStones”. It like my first book could have used more editing. I guess it is true what they  say about getting better the more you try.

Heart Paths Cover
Heart Paths

I am going to be coping from my poem, “Strings”


There are places, people, and things

They will bring out  great happiness or complicated things

When you are caught up with any of them, as we sometimes do

They will greatly impact you.

It is strings that we hold to places, people, or things

That make us into who we are and sometimes what makes us sing

They can also make us weep, confused, or depressed.

That is how you know you once enjoyed things at their best.

Suddenly though, for no reason or rhyme

You find them gone or not worth your time.

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