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I was just thinking to myself that a lot of you call me Mws, which is my writer name. My adopted name is Michelle. My birth name was changed once I was adopted.

Some things about me are:

I love a variety of animals. I am such a freak about animals. I love watching them, love touching them, and love loving them. Ask my family to name one thing about me, bet it will be my love for animals. The second thing better be how much I love!  Lol

I really like to express my thoughts, feelings, and emotions with words. I also like to write trying my best to express what another person might be feeling in their life. I don’t know why but it is something I feel I do well.   I was asked to write a poem once from a person’s perception of another person, one who has passed away. They wanted me to write a poem to express their relationship with this person that passed away. I  had no clue what their relationship was like but I gave it a shot after getting some information from the person relating to their life with this other person.  I wrote from my heart, picturing in my own mind what it would feel like to be I that person’s shoes. I wrote from a perspective I knew some about but the rest of what I wrote was from my own empathy.

That is just one thing though, in my life, years ago that led me to write for public viewing. At first I was not careful. I did not check my spelling or grammar, much. I wrote things though that were received with fabulous comments from onlookers. I was not a writer that had perfect wording or penmanship but I was one who wrote as my heart led me. I am and have always been a lover of rhyming. Dr. Seuss and I share a birthday so I immediately felt a kinship with this master of rhymes. I have always sang songs with my children making a rhythmic wordy song. They looked at me like I was crazy most of the time, but moments when they were little, was precious and I made them laugh as I ran around the house singing crazy made up songs that had the tune of a familiar song.


I also like hearts, in case you have not noticed, from my signature and my page. They are my favorite shapes. I also love to cook, thus the reason why I post recipes also.  I am a middle child. Which makes me, in theory, the troublemaker or the one who is a handful. Ha ha. I laugh at that. Stereotypes can so be wrong!

I went through college, I stayed on the Dean’s List the whole time too. No, I am not a smart one, but I determined I was going to be the best me I could be in college. It helped that it was a degree that I lived, so to speak, in my own life. I was familiar with the subjects. They were like secondhand knowledge to me. It was an easy “A” for me in that regard. Not to say I did not have a lot to memorize, and learn.


I am a simple-ton. I am not materialistic at all. I am not a brand hog, I wear what feels good. I am a diabetic, type 2. I am a friendly sort of person, if you ever meet you, hopefully you will agree. I love sunsets, water, oceans, and flying. I believe there is an eternal place we all will reach after we die. I believe in my country. I also believe that doing good not only benefits the person receiving it but the one giving it.

And lastly,

I  have not had the prettiest life, the fanciest life, or the easiest one yet I am a survivor of abuse, neglect, and judgements.  I love to hear birds sing, laying in the grass as a breeze blows, and sharing time with my precious family and friends.

This may be too much to know, or too little to know of me, but it is simply the real me. I hope to make friends, people smile and have peace in the rest of my life.

Take care, thanks for reading,


Thank you for reading 🙂


19 thoughts on “Let’s Write About Me/Personal Share

  1. vicklea

    Thank you for sharing. We are all broken in different ways and all healed by the Lord who created us. Bless you for being so transparent!

  2. Stuart L. Tutt

    It is good to get to know more about you Michelle (can I call you that?)

    As Vickie said…we are all broken in different ways. Nonetheless God does his thing and creates a well put together masterpiece 🙂

  3. dawnautom

    Nice to learn abit more about you dear, I’m a naturest too, I love poetry as well, i made the dense list as well “as the truble maker” 😂😜.


    1. dawnautom

      Well I wasn’t that kind of troublemaker, I was the one that wouldn’t conform to the normal standards of things and made life diffecult for the teacher’s, I’ve never been one to conform to standards, the diffend one always saying No !!!

      BY FOR NOW

  4. photosociology

    Hey Michelle. It’s lovely to hear more about you. I’m also a survivor of abuse. And although abuse is horrific, it certainly helps me to be grateful for all things joyful and positive.

    I love your recipes. Most anorexics have an obsession with food even though we eat little of it.

    I love to read your blog and appreciate the honesty and emotion in your poetry

  5. Filosopete

    Middle children tend to be the eventual achievers, people one can depend upon. I think you may have many hidden good qualities. Discover them, use them!

    I am also Type 2. Type 1 is the firstborn diabetes lol.


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