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Sad Eyes/ Poem share



Sad Eyes

I believe there are trials we cannot see,

Spaces filled without joy or glee

Things that bother us, but remain unspoken

Almost like a vase that’s broken

The vase cannot serve its purpose anymore

We, like a vase can support others

Keeping them safe , one with another

But broken, we can’t

Even if in a slant ……

Look into another’s eye

Some make you laugh

Some make us cry

Sad Eyes are a message

Sometimes you’ll see it right off

Sometimes and more often, you won’t

***MwsR <3

If you want to make a change

You can simply find some joy

Joy is not easily found all the time

More than not we have to search

You can’t be happy for others,they have to be.

You can’t fix others

You just need to fix you, find your joy, share your hope

Others will see positive, search for their hope, their joy, just because you have.

Regardless of how you were, you can be that light, that positive for someone else.

Perfect does not exist, don’t keep looking for it, you’ll be disappointed and you’ll get tired and fail.

Be grateful, be thankful

Thank you for reading 🙂



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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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