There are moments I keep treasured in my mind

Times that you were so very happy and free in spirit.

Acting like a puppy, in every way.

I see how time has taken that glee, it upsets me, it’s un-kind


I thought we would always be a pair

As we both get much older

I guess I assumed that in my hopeful mind

Naïve I was, because life is so unfair.


My dog Snoopy

I love taking trips with you on my lap

You loved to hang your head out the windows

Almost like it was your first time doing it

Love hearing you snore when you take a short nap.


Moments are precious and warm your soul

They help heat your heart, so you never get cold,

Too marvelous really to comprehend

They help you keep courage when you grow old.


Our time together has been one of joy and friendship

You have always occupied my heart right from the start

With lots of love and sharing, especially my bed, lol

You’ve been there for so many years, even through my hardships.


If I haven’t expressed all the unconditional love you have given back to me

That is where I messed up

I am sorry for letting you down like that,

You will always mean the world to me, you see.


My world over 13 years ago was one longing for a “little shadow”,

Turn around, you were always there, even leaping over child gates

A dog to love me and follow close along behind me

You came and make that a reality, I want you to know.


What will I do when my “little shadow” is gone?

Something definitely won’t be the same

I guess I will walk and take rides alone.

It is most certain I will have to carry on.


Thinking of the years that have passed

You love me better than some humans

I look in your eyes and I am reminded of what love is

The kind that makes things better, the one that you want to last.


Snoopy you are my buddy, my kid, my comfort and a little trouble,

If I could I would keep you around forever, I really would.

We might get separated one day, as often in life people and things do

I will definitely remember you always, and miss your sweet snuggle.

MwsR <3


Thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. If I haven’t expressed all the unconditional love you have given back to me. That is where I messed up. – this part is beautiful. I can only imagineyour love towards Snoopy when I am reading these verses. It cheered my day.

  2. Know where you’re coming from with this. Our pets leave such a whole when they pass. I lasted 6 days before getting Maggie after we lost Barney in March 2005. We are both dreading the day when she will no longer be with us. At the moment, all is well, but her age is catching up with her.

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