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Thank you Kristian for nominating me and for my RAKA AWARD 

I appreciate your writing and you.  You have been one of those “sunbeams” in someone’s sunshine.

This is a good award , like mine, it focuses on those around us, who with or without trying impact another’s life,

I guess for me to point to a specific time in my life when I was impacted in a positive way, would be unfair, There have been so many times in my life when I felt like I was alone in my own feelings, alone in my personal battles, and alone as a human , period.

I would have to write about the first person who came in my life when we both were just kids, in a little country church. Her mom and my mom worked together and we both were around the same age but we really did not socialize. Well, not then we didn’t. She was a girl that kind of kept to herself, and her two sisters. She was pretty, I always thought. I remember standing behind her in the church pews and admiring her long hair. I know that seems odd, but she had the prettiest hair.

She had two sisters and two brothers who semi attended church. She seemed to be the quietest of the bunch. Her brother would go on to be the pastor of this little country church.  Her mother was a strong Christian lady and she was always at church and trying her best to rear her children up in the love of the Lord. I admired her so.

Let’s go ahead in time to when we became friends for life…

Her name is not important but she and I soon took up as life long “sisters” and friends. She has given me more support and love than anyone on this planet, excluding my family of course. She loves with everything she is and her all. She is a beautiful soul and a beautiful person. The way she accepted me and has loved me along some of the most terrible times in my life, is immense. I never knew a better friend and her whole family has adopted me to be their own. I love them all and her especially.

Her love has tremendously impacted my own life and her eagerness to be in my life and to have me in hers can never be repaid. She is very unselfish and very giving. If she were to read this, I would want her to know, she is the brightest star in the darkest journey I have ever had to walk. I love her and I hope she knows that.

MwsR <3

I nominate some special writer friends,

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Thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful story of true friendship!! I am sure you have impacted her life as well 🙂

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I am truly honored!

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