1. Yes, it’s a good reason to write poems. The fact that you like writing them is good enough.
    As for what other people see and say about you, me or anyone, I think that as long as you are confident that you try to live a good life and don’t consciously go out to hurt people, then you shouldn’t care, but sometimes you need to let them know where you stand in regards to their comments or actions towards you. A person can’t live life as a “doormat”.
    I see many people spending a whole lot of energy bad mouthing other people. Regardless of whether there is any truth involved, why do they waste the energy?.

  2. I agree poetry and writing in general is an incredible way to reach others. And I tell myself even if it doesn’t get a responses; if it touches someone in a positive way or makes them think then I am happy. Great post

  3. Lovely poem dear, deafanatly a thinking poem, I live by this montra ” I don’t care what other think of me I live my life for me and do what I think is right ” life’s to short for all the bull shit people pull.


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