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Writing, babbling, about Love!


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Inside all of us is the need to be loved or appreciated. It is true, you know. We all need it it gives us a connection, some type of place to belong.

I feel really sad for those who have never heard, “I love you”. Those who crave it yet never get their fill. Love can be complicated and it most certainly can make fools of us all too. It is in touch, feeling, sense and sensations. It is wide or narrow, it can stretch enough to go around to each individual in our world.

What is so hard about saying “I love you?” I think that is different for every situation. Why can a mother carry a child for nine months and then give birth and how can she not feel love for that child? What about the kid who never has been hugged? That in my book is simply atrocious. It should never be.

Complicated love, twisted love, one-sided love, mistaken love, these are just some examples of the kinds of love. You also have true love, sincere love, honest love, devoted love and forever love. I would much rather have the latter group. Wouldn’t you?


Heck, I don’t know why I decided to write about love, and connection and a place to belong. Probably chalk it up to some rantings of  person who thinks love is a key to almost all things worth experiencing or feeling. It can change people’s lives and melt the coldest heart. I have seen love take a person who almost ended their own life, and helped them become whole again. Love is so magical and so strong.

Living is not worth a darn if you have no love in it. It could be as simple as loving a pet, a  place, or a thing. It does not necessarily have to be two people to have love. I have loved many pets, things and stuff in my life as I know you have to.

If you have never been told, “I love you”, I am deeply sorry. If you have never known real love, unconditional love, I am heartbroken for you. Allow yourself to know love, to feel love, to give love and receive it.


Love <3

You can have faith, hope, and love, as Jesus said, but the greatest of these is LOVE.

Let’s go out there and love , PEOPLE!

MwsR <3


Thank you for reading 🙂



  1. The Holy Spirit got a hold you 🙂 He is working like that. I wrote on love as a challenge a few weeks back. Some of the things the Lord gave me to say He also gave you 🙂

    I don’t get the birth mom thing either. Or the fact that there are children and grown ups who do not hear the I love you or even feel loved. It’s sad 🙁

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