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Life  without you is like forgetting to breath

It is the floor when I fall to my knees.

Life without you is not worth a lot

I would waste away right on the spot.

I think a life without you in it would be grey

I know you are thinking that this is cliché.

I tell you it is true,

I would not go through this life without you.

The life that I have with you in it is so good

If that were to end, then I personally would.

You are like a smile that stretches to each side of my face

One that knows just where it is placed.

I belong to you and you to me

In a lifetime of loves without you, I would not be.

Forever inter twined

You are so engrained in my mind.

I am so glad you are mine.

You make it all, this life, so fine.

My life without you would be as a book without an end

Lots missing, not worth reading.

Life, it is you

And you with me,

I know it, this is how it is meant to be.

MwsR <3



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