Poems Share


How is it I find myself here

Traveling so very long and a hard travel it is                                                            

black queen chess piece

I wonder, does my mind know it can take a rest?

Take a rest and reflect on being blessed.



If numbers were to arrange themselves in a different way

Each designated for a meaning or purpose

Mine would be 1,2,5,and 7, and 9.

One would be for the count of just me,

Living and breathing in this life

Two would be for my husband and myself, 

Together forever till death claims us

Five would be for the members in the first family of “us”

We are one family, one bond, and forever 

Seven is for the family my daughter has added to us

Her and her kids are a family too

My number 9 is for the other daughter and her son and her fianc’e.

These numbers do not define me and mine

But they are a reminder that things change sometimes and

That a little change does not have to mess up the beginning.



I just want to say HEY to all you people out there in this big ole world.



Hope everyone knows how much they are deserving of love, affection, respect, and cherished beyond belief.





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